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1 Tony the Terminator Updated 20th August 2005

The Godfather had nothing on our Tone! With a cast iron alibi ( freeloading in fellow saint Cliff Richard's modest palace in Barbados ) Tony Blair has seen off both Robin Cook and Mo Mowlem ( both now very dead - its not just Brazilians). Who's next, I wonder? Gordon - be very afraid.

Talking of South Americans, you will have seen the advertisement below many times and not bothered to read it. That's the mistake made by the proof readers on the Times ( yes, the real Times as published in London ) on 21st Jan 2004. I know that because this cutting was made by me and has been languisihing on my desk ever since. I have had to scensor it slightly as it is seriously libellous about a certain well known footballer from Argentina ( don't ask)

Read this carefully --- your money back if you don't die laughing

Advertisement in Times 21st Jan 2004 ( this is NOT a spoof)

Sadly I never found out who the last lady was ( but thanks for the suggestions ) This lady is Anna and she is a BIG girl ( but really, Anna, if you want to be taken seriously as an actress you are going to have to do something about that carpet - sooo distracting. Nice radiator though)

Left click for more of Anna

Have you got any any other pics ( ideally by site reference ie URL ) of other slim large breasted girls? If so, please send them and I will reward you with a cornucopia of goodies and I will publish all the decent ( ie indecent ) pictures sent in so that you can all have a good gawp

Saneetra Kim Harding ( Saneetra is my first name - not a title )
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2 How to get FREE PICTURES Added 20th August 2005

The Web - Obviously you can download pictures using your browser one at a time or you can acquire an auto browser or ripper which will download lots of pics without human intervention. I've tried a few but Web Thingy is the best I have used so far. Being lazy I will quote what they say

"It downloads hundreds of your chosen file types ( eg gif, jpg, mpg, mpeg, wav, etc ) from the internet while you watch your screen, do other things or sleep! You can download a fully functioning version of Web Thingy right now and use it free of charge for 30 days. After that it will cost you US $19.95 inclusive of tax for a lifetime's use including all future updates or you can take advantage of our special offer and get it FREE forever by giving us a link on your website!"

It does that and is very easy to use and works most of the time but the snag ( yup ) is that you may have to pay money ( shudder) if you don't have a website. But then you can get a website for free from hundreds of places and any idiot can put up a website ( ask any idiot)

News Groups - The News Groups are the forgotten part of the Internet ( though not as forgotten as Telnet) If you don't know anything about them do a Google search ( just click this ) They are free! There are about 35,000 Newsgroups with names such as:

Your browser ( ie the thing that you are looking at right now) will download pictures from Newsgroups one at a time but you can get them automatically by using Xnews. You could do a Google search or start here: Xnews is totally free and very good. The problem with it ( there is always a problem ) is that it is hard to find your way round it but it can be done. I have never managed to download a video clip using it either but that may be because I am using the wrong kind of shampoo. You may also find that your ISP denies that certain groups exist ( eg

Happy hunting!

3 What do Breasts look like?
It's easy to assume that everybody knows the answer to this question but that may not be true. There are, after all, an entire class of people in the UK who don't know their arses from their elbows. They are called Civil Servants and they run the country

So ... the two white areas in the middle are breasts. The white triangle at the bottom is something else which I'll tell you about one day if you promise to be good.

[ A number of people have written to point out that the triangle at the bottom isn't white it's sort of striped. Well, the white triangle is actually underneath the striped bit. You can take it off and have a look for yourself if you like but no fondling.

Well, I must say I'm disappointed! I know that readers of my page are a cut above average but one or two of you have been letting the side down. In future anybody caught fondling the models will get a taste of their own medicine. You will be stripped and handcuffed to my bed on your back. My six naked female assistants will then take it in turn to slap your face with their huge breasts whilst rubbing oil* all over your genitals. See how you like that. ]

* Shell Multigrade 10/50 for reduced piston wear

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10 What are Breasts Made Of?

11 How do Breasts Stay Up?

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13 Do All women have Only 2 Breasts?

14 Guide to Wild Breast Spotting

15 Vital Breast Statistics

16 Why do Men like Breasts?

17 Whence Silly Cone Breasts?

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36 Compulsory Homework
Most of these Lessons don't
work but there are some nice
pix and I am too lazy to change them.
Lesson 1 ( Added ages ago - then re added 18th June 2000. Altered 12th Dec2001 )
Lesson 2 May not work! ( Added 24th Jan 2000 )
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40 Beauty is only Skin Deep ( Added 13th Oct 2001 )
41 Messages to George

42 ( Added 23rd Sept 2000 )

43 Nipples and Areola
A lot of
people have written asking for more information on Nipples and Areola. Well, here at SNOTSYKIMS Headquarters we've pooled our expertise and come to some definite conclusions. There appear to be three distinct types of Nipple

(a) Those that point to the left 

(b) Those that point to the righ

(c) And finally those that point both ways at once 

As for Areola we're still working on that. We think it's a game something like bingo but we're not sure yet. More news soon, we hope.
: Evidently, it was the name of the battleship that opened fire on the Winter Palace at the start of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. One of our secret agents in the
Kremlin has obtained a very rare photograph of H.M.S. Areola and here it is: The gun on the left is called Marx (after Groucho Marx ) and the one on the right is called Spencer ( after Lord Spencer, the father of Princess Diana )

Marx & Spencer prepare to open fire
44 My Favourite Links ( Updated a couple of weeks ago )
These links are all decidedly unusual and totally free. No tricks, Java, subscriptions or payment of any kind. If they change please let me know.

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